carrie and her faux fur coat

Back in the 80s I loved loved loved to wear my fur coat. I wore it after Big and I had our first big crash and after our relationship ended for the first time. I remember how Miranda took us girls with the cap to the Yankee stadium to watch a game, because you know, Miranda really is a big fan of the New York Yankees. It was a good idea to escape the one who you ended your relationship wich on a small island like Manhattan, isn't always that easy - "The city turns into a small island and you have to know where you step." And I also remember how Charlotte explained the rule to me, that you always need half the time of the relationship you had to get over it.

And then a while later, when we were still those four girls searching for love and luck in the big city on the small island, I wore my lovely fur coat. Just when I came back from Paris, when Big told me I am the "One".


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